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The foundation of Pisa is located between the seventh and sixth centuries BC, and we do not know if its first inhabitants were Greek or Etruscan.
Friday 20 November 2009 | 9510 hits
Along with military force meanwhile, was being consolidated mercantile vocation, which would bring Pisa to establish itself as one of the great powers of the Mediterranean formed a free commune, Mille said after his dominion over Sardinia, Corsica...
Friday 20 November 2009 | 9242 hits
The decline of Pisa began in the second half of the thirteenth century, with the end of the Swabian dynasty: the city, solid Ghibelline tradition and has always sided with the Empire, with the death of Frederick II lost his best ally.
Friday 20 November 2009 | 9219 hits
The end of his parable of the Queen of the Mediterranean, Pisa since then followed the fortunes of the Florentine Republic and later the Medici rule, which favored its gradual recovery.
Friday 20 November 2009 | 9402 hits
The discovery of the port city is not only an extraordinary archaeological discovery. It is a liberating event reconciles Pisa to the sea and reconciles with his story.
Friday 20 November 2009 | 10473 hits
Pisa is uncertain about his future by rediscovering its roots and re-reading his story.
Friday 20 November 2009 | 11220 hits
Quello che oggi ci appare come un geniale museo a cielo aperto č, in realtā, il frutto di una complessa stratificazione storica ed artistica.“L’Ardea roteō nel cielo di Cristo, sul Prato dei Miracoli. Sorvolō le cinque navi concluse del Duomo,...
Friday 20 November 2009 | 11513 hits
Pisa for centuries by the ancient city traces the vicissitudes Roman ships, Insights 1) A look beyond the tower 2) Pisa centuries in art, history, tradition (VOL 1, VOL. 2) recently discovered, to the Middle Ages, through painting...
Sunday 03 July 2011 | 9767 hits
Culture, nature, gastronomy: a seductive mix of ideas and resources.
Friday 20 November 2009 | 9764 hits
It is moving from San Rossore each year in the spring of galloping Italian. The roots of Italian are galloping on the banks of the Arno. There is a peculiarity of Pisa all that we can not be forgotten: the equestrian activities.
Friday 20 November 2009 | 11797 hits
The defeat still burns with Genoa, seven centuries later. Maybe it's time to come to terms with ... I'm not rooting athlete nor traditions are often a little 'fake driven by tourism, to draw the very soul of a city.
Friday 20 November 2009 | 11449 hits
It was destined to collapse over time. Perhaps now you have found the solution to the mystery. The Tower, one of the Seven Wonders, is famous for its gradient, more than 5 degrees, pokes the top about 4 feet from the base.
Friday 20 November 2009 | 11017 hits
The art of Pisa XI and XII century draws and enriches the great classical tradition, especially in sculpture and architecture. The story told in marble and bronze.
Friday 20 November 2009 | 11464 hits
With that of the Baptistery (Nicola) begin a turn which is completed with the Duomo (Giovanni). A great season of art.
Friday 20 November 2009 | 11375 hits
A careful reconstruction of the famous episode of "Tower of Fame" leaves serious doubts about the version dantesca.Una faded parchment, from unreadable characters. The scattered bones of five corpses, preserved in a church in Pisa. ...
Friday 20 November 2009 | 12347 hits
It the wake of a great tradition, Pisa today boasts the excellence of a university system and research that is second to none. The stones of the houses and medieval towers that overlook magnificent aristocratic houses along the Arno are sturdy...
Sunday 03 July 2011 | 11220 hits
A great monuments eventually restored.
Friday 20 November 2009 | 11134 hits
This is the slogan that promotes the natural park of San Rossore, a green lung between Pisa and the sea where nature reigns supreme.
Friday 20 November 2009 | 11013 hits
In every corner of Volterra reveals his attitude to the ancestral nobility. Volterra in splendor ....
Friday 20 November 2009 | 12088 hits
The fish in the Pisan cuisine reigns supreme. But there is no lack of food "land" the best country tradition. Territory varied and full of contrasts that of the province of Pisa.
Friday 20 November 2009 | 11159 hits

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