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San Giuliano Terme The name of San Giuliano Terme is inextricably linked to the spa and its mineral waters, whose healing properties were already known to the Romans. The period of splendor of the ...
2. Pisa
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Pisa Pisa is much more than the famous Leaning Tower and deserves a longer stay while the irreplaceable to the beautiful Piazza dei Miracoli UNESCO World Heritage Site. Antica Repubblica Marinara, ...
... century, the Baths of San Giuliano would meet famous people who gave special luster to the spa: Lord Byron and Percy Shelley, Vittorio Alfieri, Louis Bonaparte and Pauline Borghese.  ...
4. Crespina
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... attacked and taken by the Florentines in 1405 and dismantled in 1434 by order of the lordship of Florence. The church of St. Michael has some fourteenth-century paintings, but Crespina is famous for ...
5. Feeling heirs and rivals of the Eternal City
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... and turns in the second to the fifteenth century artists of good but not revolutionary, then, attaining a balanced taste for simple elegance and didactic evidence. The new season of generous New Lords' ...
6. Cursed Meloria
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... ven the soul. (Do not know what are the EEC? We can not explain it: come to Pisa and you'll understand). And with the landlord, friend, Malaparte confided: "You are a strange breed, but cooked well."  ...
7. Village of Montecastelli Pisano
(Pisa to visit/Castles and Archaeological Sites - English (United Kingdom))
... by various emperors, sought to exert their influence seating itself in the village, as feudal lords, members of the family of Pannocchieschi.L 'architectural and urban aspects of Montecastelli Pisano is ...
8. Villa Berzighelli
(Pisa to visit/Pisa palaces and villas - English (United Kingdom))
... icting the Blessed Virgin and the Archangel Gabriel, and our Lord.  ...
9. Church of San Domenico
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... by Pietro Gambacorti, lord of Pisa, his daughter Claire, whose bones were found at the altar. Later the church was entrusted to the Military Order of Malta. The church was almost destroyed, as well ...
10. Archivio di Stato di Pisa
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11. San Giuliano Terme
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12. Pisa
13. San Giuliano Terme
(comuni/Toscana Pisa)
... sana al principio dei XII secolo. Nell'Ottocento, ai Bagni di San Giuliano si ritrovavano illustri personaggi che dettero particolare lustro alle terme: Lord Byron e Percy Shelley, Vittorio Alfieri, L ...
14. Archivio di Stato di Pisa
(Pisa da visitare/Monumenti e musei)