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1. Casale Marittimo
(Destinations Pisa/Val di Cecina - Nederlands - nl-NL)
Casale Marittimo Casale Marittimo rises on a hill overlooking the valley of the river Cecina. The sea is just 12 km from the coast are clearly visible and the islands of the Tuscan Archipelago. ...
2. San Rossore
(Pisa to visit/Pisa parks and green spaces - Deutsch (DE-CH-AT))
The San Rossore is the heart of Regional Park Migliarino San Rossore not only for its geographical position, but also for the richness of habitats and landscape features for. Its territory starts not ...
3. Casale Marittimo
(Municipalities Pisa/Tuscany Pisa - French (Fr))
Casale Marittimo - TOWN OF PISA TEL 0586-653411 FAX 0586 653444 ADDRESS: Via del Castello, 133-56040 HOW TO GET THERE: AUTO: (A) SS206 Emilia to Cecina, then follow signs for Casale ...
4. Doc grow small
(Pisa to study/Ulisse - English (United Kingdom))
... es the towns of Montescudaio, Guardistallo, Casale Marittimo and Riparbella. The Red is mainly produced with Sangiovese grapes, black Canaiolo, Trebbiano Toscano and Malvasia del Chianti, as can be seen, the b ...
This is the slogan that promotes the natural park of San Rossore, a green lung between Pisa and the sea where nature reigns supreme. Sand dunes, beaches beaten by the mistral, a lush Mediterranean ...
6. Etruscan necropolis of Casale Marittimo
(Pisa to visit/Castles and Archaeological Sites - Deutsch (DE-CH-AT))
Etruscan necropolis of Casale Marittimo 56040-Parish-The Poggio Casale Marittimo Tel 0586-652306 Of particular interest are the findings of the Etruscan necropolis of Casa Nocera, with tombs ...
7. Castrum Casale Marittimo
(Pisa to visit/Castles and Archaeological Sites - Nederlands - nl-NL)
Castrum Casale Marittimo Casale Marittimo Description Casale Marittimo extends south of the river Cecina inland on a hill called Poggio in Plum, where you can admire a vast panorama of the ...
Palazzo della Canonica Via del Castello Casale Marittimo Note: the permission of the pastor you can visit the room where they gathered Roman finds from the Roman villa, including a mosaic floor. ...
Treasurer of the House Via del Castello, 13 Casale Marittimo Description The house is located near the Clock Tower (the old Civic Tower) and was part of the walls. This is one of the oldest ...
10. Pisa and the coast
(Pisa to visit/Castles and Archaeological Sites - Deutsch (DE-CH-AT))
... Centre Piazza Castello 0587-607035 / 654312 Casale Marittimo 1. Castrum Casale Marittimo 2. Etruscan necropolis of Casale Marittimo 0586-652306 Casciana Spa 1. Borgo ...
11. Palaces and Villas in Pisa and its province
(Pisa to visit/Pisa palaces and villas - Deutsch (DE-CH-AT))
...  1. Villa Berzighelli 2. Villa Comunale Pucci, Baiocchi 0587-606611 3. Villa La Torre 4. Villa Masi Casale Marittimo 1. Treasurer of the House Via del Castello, 13 ...
12. Theatres and Cinemas
(Pisa to live/Recreation - French (Fr))
...  Teatro Comunale Piazza del Popolo 0587-606611 Casale Marittimo Theater Via Roma, 50 0586-652454 Farmhouse Cinema Calid'Aria Street Tuscan coast, 656 050-744158 ...
13. Centro di documentazione ambientale
(Pisa to visit/Pisa monuments and museums - Deutsch (DE-CH-AT))
14. Casale Marittimo
(Destinazioni/Val di Cecina)
15. Tenuta di San Rossore
(Pisa da visitare/Parchi e aree verdi)
16. Casale Marittimo
(comuni/Toscana Pisa)
CASALE MARITTIMO - COMUNE DI PISA TEL 0586-653411    FAX 0586 653444       INDIRIZZO: Via del Castello, 133 - 56040 COME ARRIVARE: AUTO: (a) SS206 Emilia ...
17. Piccole Doc crescono
(Pisa da studiare/Ulisse)
18. Nel parco dei re vita da re
(Pisa da studiare/Ulisse)
19. Necropoli etrusca di Casale Marittimo
(Pisa da visitare/Castelli e Siti Archeologici)
Necropoli etrusca di Casale Marittimo 56040 -Poggio e La Pieve-Casale Marittimo Tel 0586-652306 Di notevole interesse sono i ritrovamenti della Necropoli etrusca di Casa Nocera, con tombe del ...
20. Castrum di Casale Marittimo
(Pisa da visitare/Castelli e Siti Archeologici)
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