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1. Palace of the Widows
(Pisa to visit/Pisa palaces and villas - Español)
Palace of the Widows - Pisa The Palace is a palace of the Widows of Pisa, situated between Santa Maria and Via Trento. It was formerly present here the domus of Bocci, strategically built near ...
2. Building of the clock
(Pisa to visit/Pisa palaces and villas - Español)
Building Clock - Pisa The Building of the clock is one of the buildings facing on Piazza dei Cavalieri in Pisa. It is an ancient medieval building where he lived since at least the captain of ...
3. Palace Giuli Rosselmini Gualandi
(Pisa to visit/Pisa palaces and villas - English (United Kingdom))
Giuli Rosselmini Gualandi Palace - Pisa Giuli Rosselmini Gualandi Palace, is located in Pisa Lungarno Gambacorti, near the Lombard church of Santa Cristina. It recently became known as the Palace ...
4. Palace of the Knights of the Caravan or
(Pisa to visit/Pisa palaces and villas - Deutsch (DE-CH-AT))
Caravan or Palace of the Knights - Pisa The palace of the Caravan (or Knights) is one of the most famous buildings in Pisa and the most prominent of Piazza dei Cavalieri in Pisa. Even the headquarters ...
5. Palazzo del Collegio Puteano
(Pisa to visit/Pisa palaces and villas - Español)
Palazzo del Collegio Puteano - Pisa The Palace is a building of the College Puteano Piazza dei Cavalieri in Pisa. The building, adjacent to the church of San Rocco was built in its present form ...
6. RSS
(info/Gadgets - 简体中文(中国))
...  Pisa Monuments and Museums Churches and religious buildings in Pisa Pisa castles and archaeological sites Palaces and Villas Pisa Parks and green spaces Pisa Lakes and ponds ...
7. Ex allievi illustri scuola superiore Sant'Anna Pisa
(Pisa to study/University Pisa - English (United Kingdom))
Ex allievi illustri scuola superiore Sant'Anna Pisa Giuliano Amato, ex presidente del consiglio e parlamentare Antonio Cassese, giurista Sabino Cassese, giurista Pier Francesco Guarguaglini, ...
8. Admission to St. Anne High School
(Pisa to study/University Pisa - Deutsch (DE-CH-AT))
Admission to St. Anne High School For students of degree courses and degree admission to St. Anne School is national public through which assumes the status of "normal student" of the school. ...
9. The Port of Bocca d'Arno Pisa
(Pisa to live/Recreation - Deutsch (DE-CH-AT))
... as dating from the foundation of Marina and its original building types. Were instead intended for restoration, by the Boccadarno Port of Pisa, Villa and House Romboli Ceccherini, and has already completed ...
10. Google insights
(info/Positioning on search engines for Pisa - 简体中文(中国))
Quali sono le parole più cercate?   Non fidatevi dell'aspirante fornitore di turno: solo Google può rispondere in maniera oggettiva e al di sopra delle parti!!! Verificate voi stessi!!! ...
11. Video Valdarno Pisa Toscana
(Destinations Pisa/Valdera e Colline Pisane - English (United Kingdom))
Video Valdarno Pisa Toscana   
12. Castelnuovo Val di Cecina
(Destinations Pisa/Val di Cecina - English (United Kingdom))
... and Roman period. Near the fortified village of Montecastelli report is the Buca delle Fate, an underground Etruscan sixth century BC, and the remains of copper mines, inactive since 1941. Around ...
13. Guardistallo
(Destinations Pisa/Val di Cecina - Deutsch (DE-CH-AT))
... of a new class of wealthy landowners. Elena Villa was built in 1870, the home of Marchionneschi, one of the leading families in the area, and a few years after the theater, a place of recreation ...
14. Montescudaio
(Destinations Pisa/Val di Cecina - Español)
... placed in a panoramic position above the village. Another itineriario along the Via dei Pellegrini, the area of 'old Abbey, the natural oasis of Scornabecco equipped and medieval sources. Montescudaio ...
15. Monteverdi Marittimo
(Destinations Pisa/Val di Cecina - English (United Kingdom))
... Gherardesca. In the Oratory of the Blessed Sacrament, as well as sculptures of the Sienese school, and a wooden crucifix of the Florentine school, seems to have buried the body of the saint. The village ...
16. Pomarance
(Destinations Pisa/Val di Cecina - English (United Kingdom))
...  An interesting tour through medieval villages like Montecerboli, Serrazzano, Libbiano, San Dalmazio and Montegemoli (famous for its bread). In the territory there are the forests and Monterufoli ...
17. Riparbella
(Destinations Pisa/Val di Cecina - Español)
Riparbella Riparbella is a town in the Val di Cecina located at the southern end of the Pisan Hills. Unlike neighboring countries, the urban structure of circular Riparbella grew longitudinally ...
18. Volterra
(Destinations Pisa/Val di Cecina - French (Fr))
Volterra In the heart of the Tuscan countryside rises Volterra, charming town of Etruscan origin (seventh century. AC), which contains testimonies of thirty centuries of history. Going beyond ...
19. Casale Marittimo
(Destinations Pisa/Val di Cecina - French (Fr))
... Coast Wine Route, which says the area has Etruscan and Roman ruins and medieval villages, wooded hills, cultivated fields and slopes, landscapes that combine the green of the vegetation with the blue the ...
20. Montecatini Val di Cecina
(Destinations Pisa/Val di Cecina - English (United Kingdom))
...  Nearby is worth visiting some villages of medieval origin. A Querceto Castle takes place every summer an international festival of piano by Sassa, perched on a spur of a hill, you can admire a beautiful ...
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