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21. Capannoli
(Destinations Pisa/Valdera e Colline Pisane - English (United Kingdom))
22. Casciana Spa
(Destinations Pisa/Valdera e Colline Pisane - English (United Kingdom))
...  from it substantial benefits in a short time. Since then, the blackbird is a symbol of the spa. Today, both the spa with outdoor pool and rehabilitation center that the new elegant Villa Borri offe ...
23. Chianni
(Destinations Pisa/Valdera e Colline Pisane - French (Fr))
... prepared by the peasant women of the place. Nearby you report the medieval village of Rivalto, with the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Mount Caramel. In October Rivalto is the destination for lovers of ...
24. Crespina
(Destinations Pisa/Valdera e Colline Pisane - English (United Kingdom))
... Crespina nineteenth century was enriched by new and beautiful villas, made ​​famous by the presence of painters and artists, like John the Baptist Tempesti, Silvestro Lega, and Giovanni Fattori, ...
25. Fauglia
(Destinations Pisa/Valdera e Colline Pisane - English (United Kingdom))
Fauglia Fauglia has retained the characteristics of a typical rural village, a witness to a farming all but disappeared. Following the destruction of the castle, which took place in 1433 by the ...
26. Lajatico
(Destinations Pisa/Valdera e Colline Pisane - Deutsch (DE-CH-AT))
Lajatico Of Lombard, Lajatico castle of the counts was then the bishop of Volterra Pannocchieschi before being conquered by Pisa and then Florence. Lajatico has become an international tourist ...
27. Lari
... by the Touring Club with the orange flag. The village, surrounded by a wall with three gates, is characterized by the massive Castle of the Vicars, of medieval although the present structure dates ...
28. Orciano
... has it that it has arisen as a fee payable to a family of Lombard origin. It is easy to assume that Orciano has followed the fate of the other villages of the Pisan Hills, Florence fell under the ...
29. Palaia
(Destinations Pisa/Valdera e Colline Pisane - Nederlands - nl-NL)
... of Sant 'Andrea, which preserves valuable works of art. The memory of its agricultural traditions can be found in the vicinity: the village of Montefoscoli today houses the Museum of Country Life, ...
30. Peccioli
(Destinations Pisa/Valdera e Colline Pisane - Nederlands - nl-NL)
Peccioli Peccioli stands on the hills with its distinctive bell tower of the Parish of St. Verano (XI), the architect Bellincioni with valuable works in the Pisan school. The nearby Praetorian Palace, ...
31. Ponsacco
(Destinations Pisa/Valdera e Colline Pisane - English (United Kingdom))
... the Church of San Giovanni with the baptismal font. Nearby you report the feudal village of Camugliano with Villa Niccolini, as Villa Medici, in the middle of a private estate. The territory is ...
32. Pontedera
(Destinations Pisa/Valdera e Colline Pisane - French (Fr))
... productions. There are many cultural events, theatrical and musical events throughout the year, both in town and nearby villages and Montecastello Treggiaia. Because of its location between the nodal ...
33. Holy Light
(Destinations Pisa/Valdera e Colline Pisane - Nederlands - nl-NL)
Holy Light Documented since the ninth century, Holy Light now only retains some traces of the fortress and medieval urban structure, as well as a Romanesque church in the nearby village of Santa ...
34. Terricciola
(Destinations Pisa/Valdera e Colline Pisane - English (United Kingdom))
Terricciola Village of Etruscan origin, as documented by the recent discovery of a necropolis in the fractions of Morrona and Soiana, Terricciola in the Middle Ages had a system of defensive towers, ...
35. Bientina
(Destinations Pisa/Valdarno - Nederlands - nl-NL)
Bientina The town of Bientina, by its nature the village craftsman, is on the slopes of Monti Pisani. Despite having lost its ancient medieval dresses to hire a connotation of a commercial nature, ...
36. Calcutta
(Destinations Pisa/Valdarno - Nederlands - nl-NL)
Calcutta At the heart of the fertile plain of the Arno Valley Pisa is Calcutta, a lively and busy town, full of industries and handicrafts. The name refers to the traditional craft of pottery ...
37. Castelfranco di Sotto
(Destinations Pisa/Valdarno - Nederlands - nl-NL)
Castelfranco di Sotto Castelfranco di Sotto, located in the foothills of Cerbaie, is one of the towns of the leather, the area where you produce shoes and leather and leather goods are exported all ...
38. San Miniato
(Destinations Pisa/Valdarno - Deutsch (DE-CH-AT))
... with industries located mainly in the village of Ponte a Egola.  ...
39. Santa Croce
(Destinations Pisa/Valdarno - English (United Kingdom))
... a good cultural activity: Pacchiani at Villa houses the Center for Expressive Activities, exhibition of contemporary art museum and center for documentation and scientific laboratories with engraved graphics, ...
40. Santa Maria a Monte
(Destinations Pisa/Valdarno - French (Fr))
... his youth. The traditions of the country are renewed in the festivities in honor of the patroness, the Blessed Giuntini, culminating on Easter Monday with the Procession of the basket, when the village ...
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