San Giuliano Terme

Pisa to visit

During the work, directed by renowned architects, we followed the existing system trying to achieve a faithful reconstruction even in interior decoration. Of particular interest are the suites, each dedicated to one of the celebrities whose life is somehow intertwined with the history of the structure.

Relaxation and wellness at the Baths of San Giuliano
The San Giuliano Terme is the ideal place not only for those seeking the therapeutic effects of water, effective for rheumatic diseases, vascular and respiratory tract, but also for those who want a relaxing holiday, away from the hectic pace of life of all days taking care of himself.

The wellness consists of two main routes, water and the east, intersecting with each other by creating experiences to satisfy every customer.

San Giuliano Terme, Hamman GranduchiTra of wonderful massage cabins decorated in oriental style, relaxing baths in the beautiful swimming pools, a brief stop nell'Hamman of the Grand Dukes, a natural cave where the thermal water flows from a small waterfall, and a quiet Walk in the Garden of Zen is not so difficult to achieve peace of mind.

The surrounding areas of San Giuliano Terme
Another merit of the San Giuliano Terme is their location. Located a few kilometers from Pisa, are surrounded by the breathtaking scenery of the Monti Pisani, where you can take relaxing walks on foot, by bicycle or on horseback to discover the natural beauty and art history that permeate this region.