Ulisse Dini
Ulisse Dini (Pisa, November 14, 1845 – Pisa, October 28, 1918) was an Italian mathematician and politician.

A pupil of Enrico Betti and continuation of his research, completed his training in Paris under the leadership of Charles and Joseph Louis Fran├žois Bertrand Hermite.

Appointed professor at the University of Pisa in 1886, also participated in the Italian political life, becoming the first Member of Parliament, then a Senator in 1892.

He was among the first Italian mathematicians who understood the need to revise the calculus according to a more rigorous approach, also achieved important results in the study of the series, the integration of complex functions and series of functions Developability arbitrarily given a range, its main field of interest.

Very important theorem that, in Italy, takes its name, indicating some sufficient conditions for a function of real variable expressed in implicit form, F (x, y) = 0 can be locally written in explicit form y = f (x )

It gives its name to the mathematics department of the University of Florence, located near the University-Hospital Viale Morgagni, and the department of applied mathematics’ University of Pisa.


  • Foundations for the theory of functions of real variables, (Pisa, T. Nistri, 1878).
  • Lessons calculus, (Pisa, T. Nistri, 1907-1915).
  • Fourier series and other representations of analytic functions of one real variable (Pisa, T. Nistri, 1880)

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