Color: WHITE
Minimum total alcohol content: 16% Minimum total acidity: 4.5 per thousand Minimum net dry extract: 23 per thousand

Features: Quiet, Dry, Raisin Color: golden amber up to intense.

Bouquet: intense, ethereal, characteristic aroma. Flavour: dry, harmonious taste with a soft characteristic.
Basic Grape: Trebbiano Toscano
Characteristics of the grape:

White grape, this grape variety with golden, almost amber is so profitable and popular both in Italy and France.

Trebbiano Toscano mature a little ‘in conjunction with the first yellow Trebbiano than his cousins ​​coming, Trebbiano Toscano at the beginning of the nineties was the third area planted to Italian varieties representing a stronghold distanced approximately 40,000 ha in the Trebbiano Romagnolo.

The sea is still produced in Tuscany Trebbiano is cut with a dry white vinified at low temperature such as marl.

The influence of Trebbiano was felt especially in central Tuscany for much of the twentieth century when the vine was so widespread that the specification of the Chianti and Vino Nobile di Montepulciano then decreed the ‘inclusion in these red, lowering the quality as well as damaging the reputation of the color.

Today the Trebbiano is increasingly rejected by the producers of Tuscan red wines that look at the quality.

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